Rule #2

Rule number 2 to better health: Get more/better sleep! This should go without saying but an estimated 50-70 million Americans aren’t getting enough sleep. With a combination of a modern lifestlye and the mind frame of “I’ll sleep when Im dead” or “sleep is over rated” it’s no wonder up to 25% of American are sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation can lead to many problems, including; decreased alternes…s and performance in work, schooling and atheletics, memory impairment, and possible injury, espcially in automotive and work related situations. What is the proper amount of sleep? 7-8 hours of deep sleep would be what the average person should strive for. Chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to the following health issues: High blood pressure Heart attack Heart failure Stroke Obesity Psychiatric problems, including depression and other mood disorders Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Mental impairment Fetal and childhood growth retardation Disruption of bed partner’s sleep quality Poor quality of life Bottom line, if you want a better life, get better sleep!!!

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